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What our clients are saying about us. 

We are proud of our work and what we provide to our customers. Don’t just take our word for it though, let our clients do the talking! 


How can we help you?

We believe it’s the process that matters which is why our mission is to understand your vision, keep an open line of communication and deliver on our promises. 


“Since partnering with Impact Venture Group to help implement our franchise program, we have seen an increase in franchisee satisfaction and overall efficiency.

As our partnership continues to grow, IVG consistently exceeds our expectations, taking on more and more of the services required to launch a successful franchise. They always seem to be one step ahead of the game. Their customer service, hard work and honesty, set them apart from everyone else. Working with Impact Venture Group has provided us with more time to focus on our customers. We love working with Impact Venture Group!”



Sean Kelly

Owner, Planet Sub

“Fantastic work from scratch! Thank you for providing such a quality product.”




Scott Meeks

Owner, STM Development

“My experience with Impact Venture Group was painless!! I was opening a new business in Tucson, Arizona and dealt with numerous contractors and suppliers both locally and not. My dealing with Thor from Impact was one of the most efficient and accurate companies I dealt with. On time, great quality and excellent customer care!!!”


Suzanne Vinall

Owner, Planet Sub - Tucson, AZ

“I have worked with Impact Venture Group at two very different companies in the last 5 years. They are simply incredible. When you are looking to streamline your business and improve your overall offering working with someone that is willing to “think outside the box” Is very important. We came to Thor with a seemingly complicated project, and he blew us away. As business owners and operators we often know what we would like the end result of a project to look like, but rarely know how to get there. Impact can help with that. If you need to fit a square peg into a round hole, these are your guys.” 


Ryan Joy

Partner, Brown Button Estate Sale Services

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